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The Zagreb Money and Short Term Securities Market d.d. was founded in 1990 pursuant to the Money Market Act, as an organized and regulated market for public trading by money market participants.

The Money Market’s core business activity is the organized matching of demand and supply of money market instruments: money (both kuna and foreign exchange funds), short-term securities, long-term securities in the last year prior to maturity and other money market instruments.

Its operations are regulated by the Act, as well by the Articles of Association and Rules, with the Croatian National Bank responsible for the supervision of its activities.

The Money Market participants, pursuant to the Act, include banks and other financial institutions (building societies, insurance companies, investment and pension fund management companies, funds and others), the Croatian National Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

On 9th February, 2004, the Money Market launched an electronic trading system known as SETT. It enables simultaneous trading by all participants in various money market instruments electronically, in real time. Also, the SETT system provides prompt information to all participants on current market developments, supply, demand and transactions. The short-term securities transactions conducted by means of the SETT system are automatically registered in the Clearing and Settlement system of the Central depository & clearing company inc.

Apart from its core activity, participants the Money Market has organized and leads a project designed to improve transparency in cooperation, while also monitoring their daily liquidity indicators and business results.

Trading activities and interest rate movements are reported daily on the Money Market website www.trzistenovca.hr.
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